Being Found with Google Before Being Hired


Todays forced blog concerns the fact that potential employers may use Google to dig up any information on people before being hired. This seems somewhat disturbing considering the fact that some people may use social sites to vent or try out jokes they may be afraid to say to someone face to face. An online profile or online Google search in no way should represent someone professionally, unless of course a person wants to be found with a Google search.

It appears to be more and more common that potential employers are in fact doing online searches for what could be future employees. This is almost like a couple of crackling hens doing a spy search on a potential boyfriend.

In some cases there may be red flags discovered that indicate an employer should not in fact hire someone, as would be with this case below.

Forget for a second the fact that these people actually did end up killing someone. Take into consideration for a moment, hypothetically, that a close friend did these searches. Maybe these searches were for some sort of pantomime game at a party that said friend attended. If a potential employer somehow found these searches that were done then said friend most likely would not get that job.

This is unfortunately what may end up happening in the future or may have already happened, which is not hard to believe. An employer may end up missing out on an opportunity to have one of the best employees they have ever had just because some search engine came up with misinformation, or maybe the person being searched really was just trying to make a joke or do research for some reason.

There is a very short story below about a person who had the same name as a drug dealer and ended up losing out on a job because of this. There is more to the video clip than just that story. The clip below also gives a very nice solution to such a problem.

If someone were to do a search for myself, they would be very misinformed. Apparently the name that was gifted upon myself is the same name as a Canadian football player as well as many others.

Brian the canadian football pro

Besides the BrandYourself video included above on ways to improve your search, below are a few tips to help keep the search for you a little more pleasant, even if they do seem a little bit obvious.

Compare and contrast these next two photos.

scary clown


Which person would get a job quicker? That is unless these two were applying to work at the Scary Clown Haunted House.

These photos are meant to be more than just photos. These photos are to be interpreted as how a potential employer may view someone after digging up info on them.

Hopefully, with just the few tips in the videos included here a person will be more aware of what is going on in the world today. While it is felt by the author here that this is a crime, a sham, and a privacy invasion against people who like to have fun on the internet, the thought cannot be avoided that some employers are doing this.

Good luck out there.



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