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Blog Post Final for JOU/ETC 224

In this class students learned how to create a blog using WordPress. Students also learned what should and should not go into a blog post if it is wanted to become professional blog.

Students learned about what a professional portfolio is, along with what needs to go into it. Using this information, students created professional webpages that can be used as professional portfolios or as a type of resume for potential employers.

Students learned of several different web design creation websites then were allowed to choose from them in order to create a website for a professional organization. There were several reasons for this assignment. One is just for the experience of creating a website. Two is to learn what it was like to work for a client in the professional world.

As to how this will be used in the future remains to be seen. For someone who has no interest in blogging, there may be no future in that. There may be a reason for having no interest in blogging. One reason is, this blogger here does not have internet hooked up at the house. So to take an hour out of the day to drive to town then return home just to blog seems a bit pointless. Especially for someone who is not starving for attention or is not surrounded by social media all day every day.

Some people choose not to have internet or even a phone because they do not wish to be connected to everything, everywhere, all the time. Maybe one day when skool does not consume my every waking moment, my mind will change on this subject, but as of now, this blogger here could really care less.

The program used to create the professional portfolio… that was a pain in the ass plus the site in all honesty, looks like total poo-poo. That is not to say a different one will not be created in the future hopefully using a different program, it is just that I am not all that happy with the way it turned out. Check out this portfolio right here. (Recently, after graduation, I lost the server I was hosting this on and no longer have the page up.)

As for what this blogger is going to do post-graduation… I got nuffin. Things usually do not turn out the way a person plans. To try and avoid any heart breakage, this guy tries not to plan too far ahead.

Honestly, I was supposed to be a movie star by now. Did that happen? Hell nah. The next goal in life was to be a voice over star. Did that happen? Hell nah. I then was a substitute teacher. Am I still a substitute teacher? Hell nah, they do not make anything for retirement. Finally, I was supposed to be graduating the nursing program next semester. Is that going to happen? Hell nah.

I am sick and tired of heartache and not being able to achieve goals I have set in my heart. I have always hated that question growing up, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Simple answer is this, “Happy.”

I have written plays that have gone onstage. I have worked with the Center for Disease Control (CDC). I have obtained a minor in biology. I have created websites. I have sang and acted in front of hundreds of people. I have been a manager or supervisor for several companies. I have just about a 3.5 GPA. I have put on a two day music festival. I have done more things in my life than most people could ever imagine of doing. All of this has made me who I am today and has made me happy. Why plan anything for the future when the future is so uncertain.

I am sure I will end up working some 9-5 job sitting at a desk like most people. That lifestyle sounds super exciting to me. That is probably why everyone does those type of jobs.

The website program used to create a webpage for a client was actually a pretty swell website. Things were super easy and laid out for you. A person could actually get paid using this program to create websites for other people. This is something definitely worth looking into for anybody.

I am completely finished with the website now. I created a website for The First Ward Bar and Grill. This was no easy task. I actually went through three different clients before finally choosing one.

Potential clients did not like the fact that they may have to pay for something (domain names or a year worth of service through a website creation page) even if the website was created for free.

Once a client is finally selected, it does not get any easier from there. Both parties have to figure out time to meet in each of their busy schedules. Once a time is agreed upon and it is established exactly what is wanted in the page, communication does not stop there.

Both parties need to keep in touch with each other in order to make sure the webpage is looking exactly like what the client wants.  This again is no easy task. With my skooling and his being a business owner as well as a father, it is not hard to imagine why it is so difficult to meet at times.

Even after the page is almost complete a person usually has to wait on  the client to send pictures or possible updates. This is where my website is now. I am completely finished but I am waiting on a few photos. I could easily hit the publish button but I want to make sure everything is top-notch in the clients eyes.

This website will be posted right here in the future, hopefully in just three to five days. So, check back here and see if the webpage is up to par for public standards.

Finally, students are required to create a Linked-In Profile to help out with their future professional careers. The link to our Linked-In Profile is to be provided here as well. Check out my Linked-in Profile.

I really have no idea what I am doing on this Linked-In thing, but I am sure over time, after looking at other peoples profiles, I will figure it out. Is this the first sign that you are old?


Being Found with Google Before Being Hired


Todays forced blog concerns the fact that potential employers may use Google to dig up any information on people before being hired. This seems somewhat disturbing considering the fact that some people may use social sites to vent or try out jokes they may be afraid to say to someone face to face. An online profile or online Google search in no way should represent someone professionally, unless of course a person wants to be found with a Google search.

It appears to be more and more common that potential employers are in fact doing online searches for what could be future employees. This is almost like a couple of crackling hens doing a spy search on a potential boyfriend.

In some cases there may be red flags discovered that indicate an employer should not in fact hire someone, as would be with this case below.

Forget for a second the fact that these people actually did end up killing someone. Take into consideration for a moment, hypothetically, that a close friend did these searches. Maybe these searches were for some sort of pantomime game at a party that said friend attended. If a potential employer somehow found these searches that were done then said friend most likely would not get that job.

This is unfortunately what may end up happening in the future or may have already happened, which is not hard to believe. An employer may end up missing out on an opportunity to have one of the best employees they have ever had just because some search engine came up with misinformation, or maybe the person being searched really was just trying to make a joke or do research for some reason.

There is a very short story below about a person who had the same name as a drug dealer and ended up losing out on a job because of this. There is more to the video clip than just that story. The clip below also gives a very nice solution to such a problem.

If someone were to do a search for myself, they would be very misinformed. Apparently the name that was gifted upon myself is the same name as a Canadian football player as well as many others.

Brian the canadian football pro

Besides the BrandYourself video included above on ways to improve your search, below are a few tips to help keep the search for you a little more pleasant, even if they do seem a little bit obvious.

Compare and contrast these next two photos.

scary clown


Which person would get a job quicker? That is unless these two were applying to work at the Scary Clown Haunted House.

These photos are meant to be more than just photos. These photos are to be interpreted as how a potential employer may view someone after digging up info on them.

Hopefully, with just the few tips in the videos included here a person will be more aware of what is going on in the world today. While it is felt by the author here that this is a crime, a sham, and a privacy invasion against people who like to have fun on the internet, the thought cannot be avoided that some employers are doing this.

Good luck out there.


Reaction to “Growing Up Online” documentary

This documentary, included as a link above, touches on several subjects that kids are exposed to every day as they grow up in a world saturated by online content. A few of the subjects presented in this video are kids spending time playing video games online, kids taking on alternate personalities online, kids using websites to do homework rather than actually reading books, and cyber bullying.

While these may seem like major issues to a lot of parents, parents have always worried about their children as each generation passes. The worries expressed by parents each generation have been on subjects such as music, television, books, and video games. Each time one of these worries are presented it does not seem as though anything majorly worrisome comes of it.

Take books for example. Some books that are banned in schools now are books that parents were required to read as children. The parents who read these books as children are not bad people because they read these books. The worry expressed over these books now days seems trivial. To rob a child of a wide variety of knowledge seems more troubling than to actually let kids read these books.

It is probably agreed by many that online gaming is a bit of a problem for not only kids but almost any age group these days.

Below is an example of online gaming. People can either bring all their computer systems to one location or a person can play at their own home with a group of people in other locations.

This craze really is not much different from when kids gathered around the Dungeons and Dragons tables back in the day, and yes they still do, the only difference is a person can now play against someone from across the globe.

It is said that teens are now creating alternate personalities and using these personalities to gain attention from others. It is said this is a rampant issue among the internet. For being such a huge problem there really is nothing online addressing this issue. To settle any possible confusion as to what is being talked about here, there is a video below to look at.

In some instances an alternate personality may be healthy to some who have a problem making friends. Of course there is a concern of teens attracting unwanted attention from so called “predators” but studies have shown that most teens know what to avoid when speaking to strangers online. This exact subject is talked about in the documentary “Growing Up Online.”

To say that “teens using alternate personalities on the internet is rampant” seems a bit exaggerated. As stated before, try doing an online search on this subject and there will not be much if any successful results. There is a comedian who speaks of things being rampant on the internet and his name is Doug Stanhope. The guy makes a fairly good point.

Another concern expressed by parents and teachers alike is that teens are using the internet to get notes on books or do reports rather than reading material themselves. Instead of chastising children for doing this, parents should embrace and welcome this approach. At least it is getting done and if the internet had been available during parents’ youth, they would have used it as well.

One subject that was looked upon was cyber bullying. This is a problem on the internet as most will agree. The solution to this problem is not so easily agreed upon however. Children have committed suicide due to online bullying. It does not appear that online bullying is anywhere close to coming to an end. The only thing a parent can really do is to talk to their children about what is going on in their online lives.

Hopefully in the future there will be some sort of an idea as to how to come to a solution to this problem.

Overall this documentary did a fair job of showing what it is like for the life of teens growing up on the internet now days. Sure, the documentary is from 2006 so there are a few comical things said just because they are outdated, but it is still highly relevant in regards of today.

Each generation of parents will have some new thing to worry about when their children grow up. Hopefully, in the future parents and children will grow even closer together to work on a solution to perceived problems of now .