Doris Kearns Goodwin entertains Missouri Western State University

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Missouri Western State University held the 20th Annual R. Dan Boulware Convocation on Critical Issues on October 22, 2013. This is an event MWSU holds every year to invite major influential people of that time to speak to the public on issues that are of concern to both the speaker and hopefully the audience. A few of the last speakers to attend are people such as Colin Powell, Steve Forbes, Newt Gingrich, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr

The guest of honor this time around was Doris Kearns Goodwin. Goodwin is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author is considered to be one of the most famed presidential historians of our time.

goodwin book on lincoln

Goodwin’s Book Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, has been used in part as inspiration to help Steven Spielberg create his latest movie “Lincoln.”

The Looney Complex at MWSU seated a full house as people listened to the stories Goodwin told of past presidents. One such story she told at MWSU was also on an episode of “The Colbert Report.” The clip can be played from that episode right here.

steven colbert

“That very same story is told in the movie,” Goodwin said speaking of the “Lincoln” movie. Laughter was not an uncommonly heard thing during her time speaking at MWSU, as she seems to be fairly talented at telling stories of histories past presidents. This may be one reason why Spielberg had her on the set during the filming of his movie, for both accurate and entertaining stories.

Unfortunately, the sound quality at this event was not all that spectacular making it difficult to understand a lot of what was said. This is a sad case for such a prominent person. The bits and pieces that were able to be heard clearly did get a positive response, but at the same time there was much more that was not understood because of the sound being echoed and bounced back and forth between the walls.

For the most part, aside from the sound quality, the experience seemed to be enjoyed by most. The only thing that could have made this event more popular and entertaining for MWSU is if they would have been able to get Spielberg, Goodwin, and Tony Kushner, the screenplay writer, to discuss the process it took to make the movie.


If these three were to get together again it may have just turned out a lot like a previous interview they had done, but it still would have been entertaining nonetheless. In case there is curiosity as to what was said while the three were together a video has been provided.

Fortunately for Goodwin, she was able to finish out her speech. At last year’s Convocation when T. Boone Pickens jr. spoke about energy consumption the power ironically went out towards the end of his speech.

It will be interesting to see where life takes Goodwin in the future after such national recognition. There is an ongoing countdown on her webpage Doris Kearns Goodwin counting down to her newest work in progress “The Bully Pulpit.”

Right now the countdown is at 12 days, 6 hours, and 25 minutes. Only time will tell if this published piece be as successful.

With the way Goodwin turned boring history lessons to life through humor during this Convocation at MWSU and the new movie “Lincoln”  it would be no suprise if the next book is a success.


Not-so-useful Kompozer Tutorials

It’s the Angry Hippy Forced to Blog here. Today I am forced to blog about different Kompozer web design tutorials. I am supposed to compare and contrast. Meaning, I am to give both praise and criticism for these sites. It is rather hard to give praise to things that suck worse than my Hoover vacuum though. Honestly, each of these website tutorials is gawd awful. The one site that actually does a good job, The Site Wizard, I cannot even speak about because it says on the assignment sheet that I cannot speak about it. To that, I say boo.

I was in high hopes for this assignment because I need a good tutorial site to help me build my first website for this class. I should have known there was more crap than useful things on the internet. The sites I chose for this assignment are as follows:

As a college student you have to learn how to manage your time effectively in order to complete all the tasks that are on your plate at any given time. Unfortunately, I do not have the time I wish I had in order to fully research this assignment that would probably prove most useful to me. For the seven websites that I found, there has to be hundreds more that I did not even have a chance to look at.

I will start with my least favorite site, You gotta pay for the shit here. What a terrible way to teach someone about how to use a free web design program. Especially when there are so many free tutorials out there. This site may actually be the best tutorial out there but there is no way to know unless you pay for the information contained within this site.

I will say something good about this site however. What is cool about this site is that it goes into abundant detail about what each of the video tutorials do. This site sucks you in with tantalizing details of what could be… if only you had a credit card to pay the seven dollar fee.

This next site,, can be debated among people as to if it is an actual tutorial site. The tutorial contained in this site is actually a pdf made by a student or maybe even a teacher at the Innovations International Charter School of Nevada.

I tried to follow the links located in the final destination URL from the home page but there is no “Staff” link. There isn’t even a search bar. I am actually starting to think this website is made by using composer. This school site may be worse than our own skool website. I will not mention names but I am certain it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out what skool I go to.

The tutorial contained here is somewhat useful but it is just the basic of the basics that you need to know in order to get started. I would only recommend this pdf page if you have never used Kompozer or if you have never looked at other tutorials on Kompozer.

I am not too sure about this one here, Some of the tutorial videos do not even work. Like this video here:

<div><br /><a href=””>Video tutorial to </a></div>

Okay, so last week I had this video embed thing figured out. This week, not so much. I am just going to roll with this thing abouve though and hope for the best.

The videos that do work just do not even seem to make any sense at all. I cannot seem to find a first introductory tutorial video here and I am sure that will be a deterrent for any newcomer.

I did find one video that may kinda be helpful if you are trying to sell things.

<div><br /><a href=””>Video tutorial to </div>

Wholly crap, trying to embed video from this site is turning out to be super crazy.

The quality of this video is terrible.  No matter the quality, these tutorial videos jam shit musically. My head didn’t stop bobbing for the few videos that I did get to work.

From a design perspective, this site is rather confusing. On the main homepage I can’t figure out how to go anywhere. Because of this lack in what direction to go next, newcomers to this site may be scared to give it a chance.

Another confusing website, at least at this point for me is I am not sure of any navigational tools and it only has a few videos on the sidebar. Another non-winner this one is. I do not have a single nice thing to say about this site.

The videos here may be in decent quality and they may contain useful info, but there is no way to tell what video you are picking. There are no titles to the videos on the sidebar so it is kind of like  Christmas when you click on a video. You never know what you are going to get. This video shows some of the basics:

This site,, works a bit better than that damn download atlas site. This site contains the same videos from download atlas but in a much better quality.

<br /><font size=”1″>Watch <a href=””>Kompozer Tutorial: Working With Lists |</a> in <a href=””>Educational</a>  |  View More <a href=””>Free Videos Online at</a></font>

Oh my goodness. I hope my blog post here does not actually contain all that jargon I just pasted up there for the embed video feature. I am doing this exactly as instructed. Just copy the embed link and post it here. I just have never seen so much crap for the embed feature. Maybe Youtube just makes it easier for people.

What makes this site a bit better is that it is only one page. For being a one page tutorial site how hard can it be to find what it is that you need. One page is easily navigable. You would almost think that this would be one of the best tutorial sites there is.

The problem with this one page tutorial site is that there are only eight videos. Is it possible to learn everything you need to learn about creating a website through Compozer with only eight videos? I highly doubt it.

Another website I am not so much as pleased about is I can’t view any tutorials here because this site wants you to sign up for a membership. I ain’t signing up for a damned thing.

Remember that thing I mentioned about a college student’s time being precious? I am certain that applies to almost everyone and not just college students. Asking people to take extra steps in order to learn a task is a huge pain in the ass.

I will probably be kicking myself in the ass later for not signing up because this is probably an awesome site for teaching you about kompozer. I need a good tutorial too because at this point my site sucks balls.

Finally, I have this site,, to speak about. This site seems to have a ton of material that could potentially be useful. The problem is there is no real order to things. There is no link that says “Start here,” or “Kompozer tutorial number one.”

I clicked on a few links but some of it I did not quite seem to understand because at this point Kompozer is still a bit over my head.

I will say that this site is possibly the most promising. This site offers a type of search engine that can link you to tons of other sites that offer Kompozer tutorials. If you have the time, this site may be worth a few minutes to look at.

In fact, there are so many links to different things it may become a bit overwhelming. I eventually found a video here that I don’t even think relates to Kompozer even though I typed in Kompozer tutorial. On top of that, the page I want to embed a video from, I cannot find a place to copy the embed video link.

I guess I will just have to include a link to the page. Ho-hum. Watch as my grade now drops.

As a final wrap-up to all this, I just want to say that I am extremely disappointed in my website search for a useful Kompozer tutorial. Sure, The Site Wizard is extremely helpful but I am not allowed to speak about this. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know. Not only would this info help me out, hopefully it would help other people in need of a useful Kompozer tutorial.

UPDATE: I notice only one embed video works. Apparently wordpress does not recognize all embed material. I will have to find out what we are to do for an alternative. Sorry for the sloppy unprofessionalism.

Activision vs Infinity Ward vs EA

Today I am forced to blog a critique about the public and media reactions to a high profile case. The case in question here is the battle between Activision, Infinity Ward, and Electronic Arts (EA) over the rights to the “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare” franchise.  To help get this assignment finished we will be looking at the following sites:


Along with the critiques of these sites I will also give a critique of the way people react in the comment section in each of the website if it is provided for that site.

The purpose of this specific blog post is to show how each of these sources provide information about this case.

This case started in March of 2010 when “Call Of Duty” crators Vince Zampella and Jason West were fired from Activision’s “Infinity Ward” department.

Activision had reported that Zampella and West were working with EA behind Activisions back in order to start up their own company. Activision also claimed Zampella and West were trying to steal development tools for video games and sway fellow employees into leaving Activision for Zampella and West’s new company Respawn Entertainment

Zampella and West tell a different version of the story saying that they had not been paid royalties that had been owed to them by Activision for the “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare” games.

There is a lot more to this story than just this. You could almost write a book or make a movie over the amount of information that goes into this case. My only hope is that I can explain this accurately with the amount of information surrounding this case.

EA did help Zampella and West start their own company “Respawn Entertainment,” after they had left Activision.  Around 40 employees from Activision’s Infinity Ward department followed Zampella and West to their new company and started the “Infinity Ward Employee Group” to seek the unpaid royalties owed to them in the amount of $75 million to $125 million.

Somewhere in there Activision started a counter suit against EA saying that EA was trying to lure Zampella and West away from Activision.

Eventually Infinity Ward/Activision did pay $42 million to the “Infinity Ward Employee Group” out of court. Even though that amount was paid the case still continued on through the court system.

Somewhere in there Zampella and West filed another suit saying that Activision did not own the rights to any modern day war game. The terms of that agreement were filed in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). I will provide a link to that (MOU) which is found on the Game Informer website later in this blog.

Finally, around mid-May 2012 all the cases were settled without going to full-on jury trial. However, the terms of those settlements are unfortunately completely confidential.

Phew, that is a big convoluted mess. I will now provide a few links and critiques to these sites I received the stories from so you can take a look and judge for yourself.

First up we have SegmentNext.

This site is fairly straightforward when it comes to this story. Title, photo,Modern-Warfare-4-Captain-Price-Teaser

story, and a description of the author of this story in a single file column. Their is not a single comment left in the comment section though so it is hard to see how people feel about this story.

This site seems fairly professional and easy to navigate. I did not actually go snooping around this site though or any other site for that matter. I strictly clicked on the link I needed for the purpose of this assignment.

This is the only site I was able to find that had info dated to this case as late as September 2013. This site seems like the only place I am able to find that has info on any new releases when it comes to the “Modern Warfare” franchise and it does not sound good.

Apparently, Infinity Ward no longer wants anything to do with the “Modern Warfare” franchise. One part because of the fact that most of the staff followed Zampella and West to their new company and in another part because of said MOU that I had mentioned earlier.

This site seems rather consistent with the other sites in keeping stories straight. The only thing that concerns me is that the author only uses as a reference. I wish he could have included a few more places for citing information.

Next up we have Metro.

This site seems to be a professionally designed site as well. There are ads all over the place on this site so that may be a bit distracting for some or a great place that answers needs for others. Once again, this is all laid out in a single column where the story is concerned and it even includes a sweet little video for one of the “Call Of Duty” games.

I am actually going to try something new here. This is a link to a different video buuuuut I want to see if I can get a video to play through a photo.


Now that was a huge pain in the ass. Good news though folks. I think I figured it out. If I can figure this crap out then I am certain just about anybody can figure it out. Now I have two videos up.

So the writing on the Metro site seems a bit confusing but to their credit this is where i found the MOU through a Game Informer link that they had referenced. Again, there is not a single comment left so it is hard to say how the public feels according to this site.

Being I just mentioned Game Informer we should go ahead and take a look at that as well.

This is of course a professional website. Heck, I subscribe to these people’s magazine and look forward to getting the newest issue in my mailbox every month. So, my review may be a bit biased here.

What I do like about this site is that this is where you will see the MOU I have spoken of. You may want to check it out. It is a fairly good read after all.

It really does not appear that Game Informer sides with one or the other on this case. Maybe because they are trying to cover their ass for future games or maybe it is just because they really do not favor one side or the other.

What I also like about this site is that it provides links on the side to related stories on this case.

At last, there is a comment or two left on this site. It is actually fairly funny to read some of these comments. Out of the dozen or so I looked at everybody sides with Zampella and West. Activision does not seem like a fan favorite on this site. We will see how the fans react in the future if they keep pumping out Call Of Duty games every year.

For the next website we have joystiq.

This cite here seems almost exactly like all the other sites I have looked at so far. These websites are getting a bit ho-hum and cliched. It has been done already! Somebody do something flipping new already!

So yeah, it is just a single column of text with a rather entertaining photo at the top.


On the right side and following the story are a bunch of ads. Go figure.

Following the story is a comments section that people actually commented on again. It is kind of crazy. I am supposed to compare/contrast. Meaning that I should not really take one side or the other. Everyone has the tone of voice that they hate Activision so it is hard to compare/contrast.

The site seems easy enough to navigate to me. As mentioned before however; I did not actually navigate this site. I merely clicked the link I needed for this story and went with that.

Now for the first site that I found that told of the outcome of this case. That site is venturebeat.

This site actually seems a bit crowded and possibly hard to navigate. I could be wrong however. With the amount of articles on this site it seems a bit overwhelming.

This site does give a nice wrap up to the big story. All of the stories tied to this story with links on the bottom just do not seem to tie into this story in any way. I am not real sure how they decide what linking stories to attach to their main stories but they may want to reconsider.

To improve this site I would probably do away with linking everything everywhere on every single damn page. There are different channels to click on, different authors to click on, and just about anything else you ever need to click on is most likely on this page.

I am not a professional web designer though so what do I know.

Once again there are no comments left on this page. That is honestly too bad because I really like reading how pissed off people get on this subject.

This is also the first site that I found that included a picture of Zampella and West. That is cool by me because I did wonder what these two looked like.


The last site I visited was Inside Gaming Daily.

This is actually one of the best looking sites I looked at for this story. It could possibly be due to the black background of the article. I am not saying I am a huge fan of black but it is nice to get away from the white screen we are all so terribly familiar with.

This website does offer a good conclusion/wrap-up to this two almost three year old case. I like the layout. It does not seem to crowded with crap. Plus it has comments.

I actually finally found a comment from someone that did not side with Zampella and West. And here I thought everybody hated Activision. The statement reads as follows”

“West and his buddy deserved to be sued and GIVE Activision billions instead. I’ll never touch a game from them because of all this.”

That comment seems a bit excessive but whatever floats your boat. Check out who said it for yourself by clicking on the link I provided above.

I think that just about wraps it up for me today. I did not really have any complaints about any of these websites except that Venturebeat seemed a bit on the crowded side and that the writing on Metro was a little bit confusing. Other than that everything seemed a’okay to me.

Now let me finish this up by throwing in a few videos on this case so I can meet my dang video requirement. Until next time people, try not to get as angry as I do at things.

69 Second News

infinity ward vs activision

Video for Respawn Entertainment’s new game “Titanfall.”


For this here latest blog entry, I am forced to post something about “Media Fandom.” Y’know, those sites you sometimes accidentally visit where an individual or a group of individuals seem to be super overly obsessed with a  famous person, movie, cartoon, or video game. Kind of like those, dare I say weird ass,  “Brony” people. I myself might like a little bit of horseplay, but I am not gunna go and brag about it.

What I have chosen to do is something that I am sure only a few limited people know about. I am choosing the Evil Dead series. I get to visit some of the best and most craptastic fan websites devoted to this movie and then I am privileged/forced to tell you (whoever you may be) about them.

Ever heard of that series? I thought the Evil Dead series started at the tail end of the 70’s but after checking that reliable source Wikipedia, I was informed that the original movie was released in 1981. The original “thrill”-ogy contained The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness.

I could go into super details about each one of these movies, the musical, and the new remake released in 2013, buuuuuut I am forced to do this for a class if you haven’t picked up on that already and I have a shit-ton of homework to do as I type so screw it.

I will try to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. Scary movie, starring Bruce Campell and some other people whose names I don’t know, cult following blah blah blah.

The sites I have chosen are as follows:

Phew, that’s a lot. Crap on me, why did I choose so many sites to look at? Especially when I have so many questions I have to answer about each site. Questions like:

  • Purpose
  • Brand Identity
  • Layout
  • Advertising

Throw in some “What’s”, “Do’s”, and an “Is” or two and biggidy bang, ya got your questions. I am sure you can connect the dots to formulate some sort of question out of those bulleted things up there.

I also get to (or am forced to) rate each of these websites on some sort of scale. I assume it is supposed to be a 1 to 10 scale or some shit, but who wants a boring ass scale like that? For this scale I think it would be much more appropriate to use a scale of “What a stupid bitch” to “Groovy.” We will see how that goes when I get there.

I am also forced to embed a few videos and photos. I do not remember how to do that but I had better figure it out quick-like if I want to pass this assignment. Okay, so here goes. No more jack-assin around. I’m getting started… now?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first so I do not have to repeat myself every time. Is it safe to say that each one of these sites’ purpose is to entertain the fans of Evil Dead? I think it is safe to say that. I am not gunna type it out again though because you get the point right? The target audience? Fans of Evil Dead.

On this site I think the over-all brand identity is to show/sell you every piece of Evil Dead merchandise ever made. Sure it has a few things that are different, like the video of the haunted house based on the series


or the sweet ass “Build Your Own Mechanical Hand From Army of Darkness,” mechanical_hand

but for the most part it is all just a bunch of merchandise. I did find out there are all kinds of Evil Dead comic books I never knew about this way. So that was cool. I am guessing this site is for people who have a bit of spending cash.

The layout is easily navigable and is divided up into easy to find pages. It actually seems fairly professional. They are trying to sell you stuff here after all so if I were these people I would want it looking professional too. I am telling you, this site has ad after ad of “Buy Evil Dead crap now!”

The site, just now as I type, froze up and crashed on me.  This site deffinately will not get a “Groovy” rating because of that.  I was already hesitant of giving it a high rating just because of all the stuff they were trying to sell you.

I think I will rate this site “:   Boomstick: $199.99, Shells: 39.99, Zombies heads blowing off: priceless.”

I can’t exactly identify what the brand identity is for sure. You have some new news feeds, some origin stories, and of course they are trying to sell you crap here as well. Hey, I think I figured it out! This is more of a history lesson in Evil Dead that is also trying to sell you stuff.

This site is not as good as the first site in layout, but overall they did a fairly swell job. The only problem I have is that it took me a minute to find the tiny links at the top of the screen.

As for ads, there is a “Store” link you can click on. At least they don’t bombard you with ads everywhere else. Here there is a wide variety of ads from Evil Dead stuff to a bunch of weird crap I have never heard of and will probably never spend money on. Don’t believe me? Would you spend money on some crap-ass poster that looked like this:


I suppose I will have to find some catch phrase from the series in order to rate this thing now. How about: “Goody little two shoes.”

I am getting super bored here. When I get bored I tend to get kind of pissy so I am gunna have to try and speed this up. I have been working on this attention whore of a site for over two hours now.

This site is called How hard can it be to figure out the brand identity here? Honestly, do I gotta spell it out for ya?

The layout here isn’t all that great. This is just one looooong continuous page with links at the very bottom dating back to December 2007.

The advertising is kind of weird here. They have links connecting to some of the sites I mention here in this blog post. Most likely to try and score a few measly cents when people click on the links.  I am starting to think after looking at this site that all these sites are going to have a spot that is trying to sell you Evil Dead merch. Does this site try to do that? Of course it does.

The rating from “What a stupid bitch” to “Groovy?”

I am gunna go with: “You’re pissing me off, you ugly son of a bitch!”

I actually like this site. This is a bunch of fan submitted stuff. Brand identity? Share with us your cool or crappy stuff. Things like this:


or this:

charlie brown

or even this:


The layout is pretty straightforward. You scroll straight down looking at stuff then choose another page from the sites history.

I honestly do not see any ads or anything being sold. I like that a lot.

I will rate this site: “GROOVY!”

This feels like the worst site out of all of the sites I have looked at today. It looks like they kind of just copied off of some of the other sites.  Or did the other sites copy this one? I don’t know, don’t care.

There is such a mash-up of different things I can’t quite figure out what the brand identity is here.

The layout? Scroll down; look at stories, pictures, and videos. There is really only one short page with a “contact us” and a “credits” link at the bottom. There is another link or two but this site isn’t even worth looking at again except for maybe getting the preview to the new movie just so I can meet my two video requirement on this post.

There is a “links” link that advertises other sites but that is about it for ads.

The rating I give this site?

“What a stupid bitch.”

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed. Check out if yant. I hope all the links work for you because I had one hell of a time just trying to get them in here. Now to get home and study some Chinese… or maybe play the new Grand Theft Auto.

Blog Post Assignment #1

For this assignment I am supposed to go to three different “prominent” blog sites, that is, three blog sites that have advertisers paying the blogger to advertise on their site.  I am to compare and contrast each of these sites.  Where I live, way out in the middle of nowhere, we still have to pay for each minute of internet we use so I am certain people can understand why I am upset over such an assignment.

The blog sites I chose for this assignment are as follows:

I will try to make this as brief as possible, otherwise I may end up going into a cuss fueled rant.  I don’t know if I should give the descriptions, strong, and weak points of each site or if I should keep switching back and forth between each site.  I feel like if I keep switching back and forth between sites it will become a huge pain in the ass and this will be confusing to you, the readers. So, here goes one at a time.

The Angry Video Game Nerd is one of my favorites, it is just a dude who plays old school video games of the 8 and 16-bit era then lets you know just how he feels about them.  I feel this site is geared towards people that are around my age between 30 and 40 because that is when these games were prominent.  I suppose a younger generation may get some enjoyment out of this site just because the AVGN uses all kinds of his own made-up cuss words, plus a younger generation may laugh at the total bull-crap we had to play when we were younger.

Not only do I have to use my own brain on this assignment, I am required to make references within this writing.  When you are required to use references it’s like waking up with a hangover then having to run a marathon without drinking water while at the same time typing up an assignment that has the forced requirement of using references. Yeah, it’s that bad.

Looking back at my Yahoo Style Guide, when a person is designing a web site they have to ask qualitative questions of their audience in order to figure out why people want to even visit the web site in question.  These questions include:

  • What is the reason for people visiting your site?
  • What do your visitors find most and least valuable?
  • Why did people choose this site?
  • Blah blah blah would you recommend?

I honestly cannot say what the heck the hidden meaning is behind this AVGN site other than to entertain people.

The layout of the AVGN is not so bad, other than the fact that AVGN isn’t exactly a site itself.  AVGN is more of a page on the Cinemassacre website so that’s kind of dumb.  A person may or may not find useful information contained here but myself, I don’t care for any of any of it except for AVGN.

There are hundreds of pages both in Cinemassacre and AVGN dating back many years.  Something new shows up on this page quite frequently, about every two to three days something new is posted.

People are generally helpful in the comments section if someone is having a problem but for the most part it is just people saying random funny things.

As for the “prominent” thing i.e. advertisers, they seem to relate with the site.  You have your KB Toys, Blockbuster video, and Steam network advertisers.

As for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tags, I am not real sure how you are to tell what the creator used as SEO.  I just type stuff in and boom there it is.

Next up we have the Angry Asian Man.  I am actually supposed to get this all wrapped up in 500 to a 1000 words.  How I am to do that I have no idea.  I guess it is about time to get a little more vague.

From what I can gather AAM is just some dude who gets pissed off at racism yet he still jokes about it.  Dude likes to post any and all things in media related to Asians or their culture.

The audience this site is intended for somewhat confuses me.  Is this intended just for Asians?  I would hope not because I actually find this site rather entertaining.  This blog seems to be a little easier to navigate than the AVGN on Cinemassacre because there is not a lot of different pages like music, movies, and video games.  Here it is strictly Asians in media.

As far as I can tell this guy makes updates just about every single day for a total of somewhere over 100 pages.  I guess it does take hard work trying to make money by blogging.  Something I have never seen before except on this site is a spot for advertisers to contact the AAM.  Dude wants 600 dollars for each ad.  600 hundred mother effin dollars! Maybe this class isn’t so pointless after all, that is if I can figure out how to blog then charge people 600 dollars to advertise on my whore blog.

The few comments I saw from people on this site were relatively positive thanking AAM for doing what it is he does.

What kinds of ads are advertised on AAM you may ask?  Chevy, AT&T, Amazon, and Studio Ghibli movies are just a few of the advertisers that are paying this guy.  The Angry Asian Man is making bank just by being pissed off and blogging about it, that makes me pissed off and I am going to blog about it.

Once again we come to the SEO and again I have no idea how to check what his SEO is.  I just typed in “angry bloggers” and this is the guy I found.

Finally we have one of my other personal favorites “Will It Blend?”  This site is one of the best marketing schemes I have ever seen.  This site has some dude in a lab coat looking like a scientist and sticking random things into a Blendtec Blender.  You want to see what happens when you stick in a blender glow sticks, a human skeleton, or even a hockey puck?  Go to “Will It Blend?”

I honestly don’t know who these people are trying to market to.  I would think a younger crowd because he does blend electronics but, the scientist guy himself is like 50 years old so maybe they are trying to reach older people as well.

Oops, I am over the 1000 word mark.  Oh well, screw it.  For my first assignment in this class what can you expect?

I think this site may be the easiest of all 3 to navigate, simply because it’s just a dude cramming stuff in a blender.  How hard can that be to navigate?  The blog link from the main page is broken and the only way to get to the blog is to go to the “about us” page.  This site has been around for many years so the number of pages here are in the hundreds.  Unfortunately I have not seen anything new on here in about 6 months.

The comments left on this page by people are usually just requests to blend something else.  There are also testimonials of how awesome this product is by people and restaurants like Denny’s.

As for advertisers, who else would advertise here but the Blendtec Company?    The testimonials from different companies like Denny’s, Nestle, and Ocean Spray are a form of advertising as well.

Once again we are on that damn SEO thing.  Once again, I don’t know how to check that.  I usually just type in “Will It Blend,” and then I type in some random object.  I am still waiting for “Baby.”


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