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Sir, You Are Being Hunted Review

Today Angry Hippy Forced to Blog, or The Hippie Who is Forced to Blog and is Therefore Angry, or The Angry Guy Who is also a Hippie and Forced to Blog, or whatever the heck my name is supposed to be, is gunna do something a little bit different.

I am sorely in need of completing an assignment. Because of skool, I hardly ever get a chance to play video games anymore. So, I figured I would use this assignment as an excuse to sit back, relax, have a brew, and play the video game “Sir, You Are Being Hunted.” I know, this is a rough life.

Sir-You-Are-Being-Hunted 1

“Sir, You Are Being Hunted” is a fairly new game, a few months old at least, and is still in alpha testing. This game can be found on “Steam” under “Early Access.”

Okay, I have actually played this game a few times already and I’ll get straight to the brass tacks and hard ass, whatever that means.

This is a pretty hard game. You are a dude who somehow gets transported to some British-like countryside. The narrator goes into detail about how you got there and the story isn’t that hard to follow. Basically, some crazy scientist dudes crazy experiment went all haywire and BLAM you’re in this British-ey place. Did I mention you are being hunted… by robots.


Each time you start the game the land set up is different because of randomly generated levels, kind of like the old-skool arcade “Gauntlet” game , but not.

The only way to get home to your sweet, sweet… home, is to collect some rocks that are lying around. These rocks look kind of like meteors, meteorites, whatever it is that they become after they hit the ground. I’m no, I want to say meteorologist but I know that’s not right, gee… ol… oh… gist? Yeah, I know spell check, but it’s so much more fun playing dumb.  These rocks have smoke billowing off of them so they aren’t hard to miss.


Once you collect the rock you take it back to your ancient Stonehenge looking home base in order to collect another smoking rock so you can bring it back to your home base. Repeat, repeat, and repeat. Eventually, supposedly you go back home.

By no means should you let the “repeat” part deter you from playing “Sir You Are Being Hunted.” As mentioned, the game is a fairly challenging game.  I found myself often saying “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, they’re coming right for me!”  It’s not super action oriented in your face at all times, but it does somehow keep you on the edge of your seat.

Running from robots, robotic dogs, and hot air balloons all on the lookout for you is fairly intense. There are a few surprises to look forward to that I do not wish to spoil here.


Out of the few times that I did play, I never found a gun. Sure, I would find bullets, yet never any gun. I didn’t actually try throwing the bullets at any robots, but somehow I really don’t think that would work.

After some time searching houses, which you can’t actually go inside because you just search the door, I started finding traps. Once I got a few traps and some rocks I started having this MacGyver type sensation overwhelm me. I was sure things were about to turn around and I was about to hunt me some robots. Then a dog spotted me, mauled me, and I was killed by his robot owner pumping me full of bullets.

All that good stuff said, there do seem to be a bit of flaws. I am no expert with a keyboard and mouse when it comes to playing video games. Sure, some people will scoff and likely say, “There’s no other way to play a video game other than with a mouse and a keyboard brah.” To that I say, “I am truly sorry, my hands are just big ‘ol dummies and do not seem to function in that manner.”

There seems to be a problem with the controller option. You can easily assign each keyboard key to a button on the controller. The look around option however, like you would do with the mouse, just does not seem like it can be assigned to anything.

There is both a health and hunger (vitality) countdown. I was at first thinking the vitality counted down a bit fast until I had acquired a large sum of food.  Even then, you can only carry so much in your inventory. On top of that, once you take food from a house, I do not think it comes back. If only there was some sort of chest by your home base for easier item management.

Honestly, this is a pretty good game and I am looking forward to playing it some more. I want to see what additions and surprises Big Robot Ltd has in store for the future. To finish out, check out this dude playing the game if you do not have anything else to do.