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Why Can’t I Find a Job? Why do I want to do Freelance Writing?

I have been unemployed for seven months now and I can’t seem to find a job. Now, before you tell me to just go get a job I do have a little something I would like you to take a look at.

That is how I feel almost every day. Sure, I could go work at Best Buy, Walmart, or some fast food joint, but that’s not what I went to college for. Apparently, I just went to college to be 30 grand in debt because that expensive ass piece of paper sure as hell isn’t finding me any work.

I’ll put up a little bit of my resume for you to take a look at. I have a Bachelor’s in Technical Communications and a part of that goes like this:

I can proofread and edit documents, create how-to manuals, user guides, SOPs, online help, design specifications, project plans, usability studies, white papers, and training materials and videos (video/audio editing); I wrote several front page stories for the Griffon News. I have experience with both the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office programs along with a few other random programs; I have the ability to learn new computer software programs at a quick pace.

That’s just a small part of my college experience. I also have a Minor in Biology. That part of the resume goes a bit like this:

I can execute and complete assignments through validated procedures within Quality Compliance guidelines; I have used microscopes and performed bio-analytical methods, such as, immunological, in vivo, microbiological, molecular biological, or virological tests. I have been published in an article written by the Center for Disease Control when I helped them collect field data concerning the Heartland Virus; I have used GPS/GIS data location technology in the tracking of ticks, bats, and the endangered Western Prairie Ridge Orchid.

Now, to me, that sounds pretty damn bad ass! I mean, why in (insert person/deity here in plural form) name would someone not want to hire a guy with this kind of experience? If I were me, at some fancy company in a CEO position, looking at my resume I would be like, “Damn, we need this guy here.”

It’s about to get deeper; I have even more college experience. I have an Associate’s Degree in Theatre Arts. I even put experience I gained from there on my resume and it reads as follows:

Supervise the cast and crew to make sure they had everything they needed to do their acting jobs. I was responsible for the lighting and all other technical details of the staged play; I trained new students the skills needed to be a Stage Manager. I also wrote two plays that were successfully produced and put on stage.

With all this experience, why am I not finding a job? It’s not like I’m not trying. I have turned in hundreds of resumes. Here are a few of the places I have applied or types of careers I have applied for:

  • Altec (Many times)
  • NPG Multimedia (Many times)
  • Accounts Pay Admin
  • Border
  • Copy Editor
  • DuPont
  • Environmental/Public Works and Transportation
  • Executive Leadership Solutions
  • Family Guidence
  • FEMA
  • Academic Teacher
  • All Medical
  • American Angus
  • American Water
  • Hillyard
  • Boehringer Ingelheim (Many many times)
  • Cameron Mutual Insurance
  • CPA Firm
  • Degree Auditor for Missouri Western
  • Edward Jones
  • EMW Industrial
  • University of Missouri Extension
  • Foley
  • GPS Impact
  • Grain
  • Healthcare Services Group
  • Herzog
  • Johnson Controls
  • Kelly Lab Tech
  • Allied Arts Council
  • Mitchell Park
  • Mosaic (Many many times)
  • St. Joe News Press (Many times)
  • Nabisco
  • Nestle
  • Transwest
  • UGL Unicco
  • United Suppliers
  • J House
  • KQTV
  • Silgan
  • Test Administrator for the Department of the Army
  • WellCare

That’s not even half of the things I have applied for. I honestly didn’t intend on the list to be that long, but once I got started it was hard to stop. You can guarantee I’m going to tag all those places in this post.

After all of the frustration in months of trying to find work and getting rejection letter after rejection letter I finally decided I will just work for myself and be my own boss. How though? What should I do?

At first, I thought, “Hey, I could do YouTube videos!” People get paid doing YouTube videos. People even make a living off of it. Plus, I’m pretty good at making videos. I know I have run this one in the dirt by showing it off over and over, but it’s really the only one I have left after I got out of college. So, check out my expertise:

The only problem with this idea is that I don’t have a camera or access to the Adobe suite to edit my videos. I thought about doing some type of website crowdfunding thing, but then it happened. The entire universe came crashing down on YouTube. A lot of advertisers started pulling their ads and stopped paying YouTube because the advertisers didn’t want their ads playing on controversial videos.

There has been a big reaction on this. Some of my favorite YouTubers have actually slowed down or stopped making videos because there isn’t much money in it now. Some YouTubers have even tried to change things up to attract more advertisers. Like this one for example:

YouTube may not be the best answer right now. My next idea was to do the Freelance Writer bit. I feel as though I am getting very close to landing my first paying Freelance gig, but I’m not quite there yet.

As of today, this is unfortunately the last day I have access to a computer and internet for a long while. I don’t have a computer at the house and I live so far out in the country it’s going to cost me $400 to $500 just to get anyone to hook up the internet at my house. *HINT*HINT*WINK*WINK*SEND*ME*MONEY*WINK*HINT*



Being Found with Google Before Being Hired


Todays forced blog concerns the fact that potential employers may use Google to dig up any information on people before being hired. This seems somewhat disturbing considering the fact that some people may use social sites to vent or try out jokes they may be afraid to say to someone face to face. An online profile or online Google search in no way should represent someone professionally, unless of course a person wants to be found with a Google search.

It appears to be more and more common that potential employers are in fact doing online searches for what could be future employees. This is almost like a couple of crackling hens doing a spy search on a potential boyfriend.

In some cases there may be red flags discovered that indicate an employer should not in fact hire someone, as would be with this case below.

Forget for a second the fact that these people actually did end up killing someone. Take into consideration for a moment, hypothetically, that a close friend did these searches. Maybe these searches were for some sort of pantomime game at a party that said friend attended. If a potential employer somehow found these searches that were done then said friend most likely would not get that job.

This is unfortunately what may end up happening in the future or may have already happened, which is not hard to believe. An employer may end up missing out on an opportunity to have one of the best employees they have ever had just because some search engine came up with misinformation, or maybe the person being searched really was just trying to make a joke or do research for some reason.

There is a very short story below about a person who had the same name as a drug dealer and ended up losing out on a job because of this. There is more to the video clip than just that story. The clip below also gives a very nice solution to such a problem.

If someone were to do a search for myself, they would be very misinformed. Apparently the name that was gifted upon myself is the same name as a Canadian football player as well as many others.

Brian the canadian football pro

Besides the BrandYourself video included above on ways to improve your search, below are a few tips to help keep the search for you a little more pleasant, even if they do seem a little bit obvious.

Compare and contrast these next two photos.

scary clown


Which person would get a job quicker? That is unless these two were applying to work at the Scary Clown Haunted House.

These photos are meant to be more than just photos. These photos are to be interpreted as how a potential employer may view someone after digging up info on them.

Hopefully, with just the few tips in the videos included here a person will be more aware of what is going on in the world today. While it is felt by the author here that this is a crime, a sham, and a privacy invasion against people who like to have fun on the internet, the thought cannot be avoided that some employers are doing this.

Good luck out there.